We’re Moving!

February 19, 2009

Well…we’re moving our blog to steveandbetsyolsen.blogspot.com. Come and visit. :)

Welcome 2009!

January 13, 2009

Happy New Year! My mom and dad were so nice to let us plan a party at their house. We had a nerd theme, but everyone was a little too shy to dress up except Steve, Mom, and me. Oh well, I realized a little too late that it probably wasn’t the best theme. You live and learn. It was a fun night, though, with delicious food, games, quizzes, and karaoke.

New Year's Eve Karen and mom and dad

Here’s Anthony, Karen, Italia, Mom, Dad, and Mario (with Caden in the background).

Tami and Davin karaoke

Sing it, Davin!

Steve doing quiz

Here’s Steve working hard on the quiz. Nerd Steve and Betsy

 Greene Family

Christmas Christmas

January 13, 2009

Here’s a little Christmas re-cap.


This is my peanut “brittle” I made. Those of you who have cooked it before could see easily that I didn’t cook it long enough. It still tasted good, but we lovingly called it peanut “gummy”. I think it might catch on.

Awesome snow pants

I know you’re all jealous of our cool snowpants. They kept us nice and toasty for our second annual sleeding-on-Christmas-Eve with the Greene’s.

Tami, Steve, Tessa, and Davin sledding

I have to say, Steve is a great gift buyer for kids. He did most of the shopping for the kid gifts we gave this year and they were all a hit. This sled is one of them he picked out. It took awhile to blow up, but it was a lot of fun (even for the adults).

Steve and Betsy sledding

Here we are ready to go.

Amy, Alan, and Josh Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we went to Amy and Alan’s for dinner and entertainment. Here are our lovely hosts. They are so good at throwing parties. Everything always looks so nice, and tastes so yummy.

Anthony, Mario, Nelson

Here’re some of the clan. Mario, Nelson, and Anthony (aka Elvis).

Scott and Nelson L.

Ah! so cute! Nelson Leland and Scott.

Autumn and Karen

Autumn and Karen showing off the beautiful set-up. I like to call them Betsy’s Beauties.

Scott, Mom and Dad with crowns

In England they have a tradition to open poppers. Since Alan is from England they gave us each one. Each popper came with a crown, a joke, and a little present. Steve and I got a bottle opener and a tiny set of cards. Here are Mom, Scott, and Dad being royalty for the evening.

Kid's nativity

Mom and Dad set up a fun nativity with costumes. They are such fun grandparents!

the adults nativity

Here are the adults watching the nativity. :)


Here’s my creativity for Christmas. It is a cheeseball in the shape of a pinecone. I know if it’s done well you don’t have to explain it, but I just want to be sure you know what it is.

christmas morning

Christmas morning! We spent it with the Greene’s. Such cute kids and so much fun.

davin camera

“Here’s lookin’ at you kid!”

The Wedding

December 24, 2008

We have been looking forward to Rachelle and Aaron’s wedding for so long (at least 4 months…maybe longer). While we were there we had an early Christmas with Steve’s family. Santa even came to share in the festivities. What lucky people are we! Also, since we were only an hour and a half from one of the great wonders of the world, we decided to go see it. Actually, I was the only one who hadn’t been to Niagara Falls, so I’m glad everyone didn’t mind going again.


This is in the Minnesota airport. I thought these big ‘ol statues were pretty cool. I get phone calls at work from people who say things like “lozenge-r” and “Minnesot-er”. I don’t know if these people actually live in Minnesota, but I kept saying that while I was in the airport b/c I think it’s funny. When someone walking past gave me a dirty look, I decided I should probably stop.



Here we are with Santa.


img_2787The happy couple. They got married in the Toronto LDS temple.


Steve and Tessa. All of the little girls looked so cute in their dresses.  


The reception was beautiful! And there was a lot of fun. My goal the entire weekend was to get at least one dance with Steve. Even though he was busy being MC and updating/making the slideshow, he took time out for not just one, but three dances. What a good hubby.



 Here we are matchy-matchy.



The US-side.



And the Canada-side. Pretty awesome!

 Here’s a picture of the kids dressed up all cute. (thanks, Tami!)



It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

December 9, 2008

This weekend we went to a live Nativity put on by a church group in our area. It was done in the Provo Tabernacle. Outside they had some real live animals you could pet. I know there are too many pictures of the camel, but it was really cool.

donkey and Caden

Here is a miniature donkey.


camel and kids

Here are the kids with the camel.


030steve and Tam and Dave and camel

The adults and Tessa with the camel.



Does anyone else think he’s smiling, almost smirking?

We also went to Paula’s to make gingerbread houses.

Shanna and Brad gingerbread

Shanna and Brad


Heather and fam gingerbread

Heather, Chris, Beau, and Brayden


Elise and Jeffrey gingerbread

Elise and Jeffrey


Steve and Betsy gingerbread

Steve and Betsy


group gingerbread

Most of the crew with all of the houses. Yum! We also had a gift exchange and a white elephant exchange. I got a silver spoon rest. I love it! For the white elephant we got a cookie mix. Talk about a great white elephant.

Giving Thanks

December 9, 2008
Thanksgiving was so much fun and a really nice break. My mom and dad were so nice and let us move in for a few days.
This was so cute because a few months ago Italia would cry and turn away anytime she saw Steve. She just came up and sat by him for a few minutes, just needed a little Steve-time.
It was fun to have Seth’s girlfriend, Jen, there. We met her briefly at our wedding, but she’s a great person, and we’re glad she’s with Seth. Also, we were so happy Vincenzo had some time off of work to come play with us.

Here we are waiting for the kernels of corn. It’s a tradition that everyone receives 5 kernels of corn and we go around the room and say 5 things for which we are grateful. This is probably my favorite tradition.

Anthony was such a trooper. Everyone was either 7 years younger than him, or 15 years older. It was fun to have him around.

We had our annual Rook Tournament. Scott and Karen were the winners. Steve did awesome for only having played a few times before.

On Friday we had a pajama party. If we did prizes, I think Karen would have won. Those are amazing pj’s. Here she is bakin’ up some delish pancakes.

Mom would have definitely got 2nd place. Her slipper matched her nightgown perfectly. So cute!
Yes, those are green pancakes…clover pancakes, actually. The theme of the dinner was Shumway traditions. As you’ve seen in earlier posts, my mom always made theme breakfasts on special days. St. Patrick’s Day: green clover pancakes. Valentine’s Day: red heart pancakes. Groundhog’s Day: groundhog. She’s pretty much amazing! You can’t see Amy, but she’s right behind them cooking up the groundhog (sausage…if you will).
Here’s Dad reading Uncle Remus. He used to read these stories to us when we were little. He’s really the only person I know that has the accent down pat. It was a fun walk down memory lane.
We finished off making honey pull taffy. It starts out tan, and you try to get it as white as you can by pulling it apart and putting it back together, over and over.
Such a fun weekend!

Some Randomness

December 2, 2008
Since I haven’t been blogging very much, I have some pictures I wanted to post, but some of them are a few months old. Enjoy!

A little while ago we went bowling with Andrew and Nicole and their cute boy. I won a game and Steve one a game. We like to keep things even.
This is when I went to an Indian restaurant with my sisters. There was a belly dancer and all. hmmm…the food was good, and the company superior.

This was taken at my mom and dad’s homecoming. We all showed up matching.


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