In Memory of September 11, 2001


Today I feel a strong inclination to respectfully recall that terrible day, 7 years ago, when nearly 3,000 American lives were taken in an instant. It was a defining historical moment for America and the world, one that each of us can still remember where we were standing and what we were doing when the news came in: two planes had crashed into World Trade Center Towers #1 and #2. And only moments later, as 3 towers (including Tower #7) collapsed into themselves, thousands of American people lost everything important to them: their spouses, their children, their relatives, their neighbours, their best friends, their co-workers. They were left with nothing but ravishing rage, cold confusion, and devastating despair. My deepest sympathies are extended to all of those who still feel the chilling void of that event in their day-to-day lives.

Iranian Artist Painting

Iranian Artist Painting

As tragic as that day was, it is with an even heavier heart that I stand firm with the many victimized families and others, who are still to this day looking for so many critical answers from our government about what really happened on 9/11. And so, I feel compelled to share a few of these important issues that I have learned through my own research and investigation concerning that September day.

In order to do this, I can think of no easier way than by showing a few of the documentaries and investigation videos which I believe best express the critical unexplained questions of 9/11 families, scientists, and architects. I assure you that countless hours of my own time and effort have been “boiled down” into what I consider as the most accurate, reasonable, and balanced representation of the 9/11 issues existing today.

In case you were wondering, and to be fair, I have indeed tried my very best to look at official theories of the 9/11 events without personal bias for answers. Among many other sources, I’ve sifted through the government’s officially sanctioned “9/11 Commission Report,” I’ve read the Popular Mechanics article “Debunking 9/11 Myths,” and I have recently watched the entire NIST media conference and read the handouts on the collapse of WTC 7. However, I still cannot find anything that sufficiently addresses the key questions and issues raised by 9/11 alternative theories.

I want to digress here, for a moment, on how my research on the United State’s founding fathers has influenced me lately with regard to 9/11 researchers/”truthers”. Though celebrated by us all today as men of integrity, courage, loyalty, and patriotism, the founding fathers were in fact publicly ridiculed, slandered, and threatened by that British government whom they opposed. From this perspective, one could perhaps say that Americans have come to honour traitors and rebel-rousers who held no decency nor respect for law and order. Of course, that was true for the British Empire of their time. But to us, these men are noble and courageous fighters for liberty, justice, and freedom for all. Now in comparison, most 9/11 activists are only trying to do their patriotic duty to protect their country from government deception and abuse of power. And we owe them at least that much respect, if not a shred of our unbiased attention as well. Perhaps they are even doing our country a favour, after all–and if not, nothing much is lost. I have found that most “9/11 truthers” (and they do come in all varieties!) are not idiotic pessimists; they are intelligent realists. And their purpose is simple: let’s find the truth, whatever it may be, and deal with it.

Two short thoughts to keep in mind before the videos, if I may. First, alternative theories DO NOT and CANNOT explain the events of 9/11 conclusively or thoroughly–nor do they intend to! Instead, they are an attempt to bring up unexplained questions and evidence, which need to be investigated properly–that is, scientifically, independently, and authoritatively (with subpoena power) in an orderly and unemotional way. Second, it is important to distinguish the message from the messenger–the contents from the packaging–and make a judgment on the information that is learned.

3 Videos:

1. 9/11 families — “Press For Truth”:

(investigative documentary) – the follow-up video “In Their Own Words” available here

2. “9/11 Revisited”:

(investigative documentary)

3. Dr. Steven Jones [ret. BYU Phys prof.] — Boston 9/11 Conference (Dec 2007):

(scientific research presentation)

My goal here is to offer some information surrounding the 9/11 controversy to a few who might not otherwise get the chance. There is much more information about these issues availible online; my real hope is that this blogpost will compel its readers to do some more research on their own–a simple search on Google or YouTube will offer more data than anyone has the time to read through. But it’s all there, and I encourage you to take the time.

Finally, if anyone doesn’t agree with these views, that’s just fine with me! (In fact, I too do not agree with every point of alternative theories.) But if so, I sincerely hope your belief/disagreement will be derived from your open-minded research and knowledge, and not from blind ignorance.

Please post your comments–I am interested in hearing everyone’s opinion!

Bonus: This is the article on 9/11 that I wish I had the skills of articulation to write myself.

2 Responses to In Memory of September 11, 2001

  1. Tami says:

    I just like how you say, “did our country a favour.” You are obviously a recent resident ;) ha ha, j/k. I look forward to watching these videos and then hashing it out with you. I plan to take the opposite viewpoint, just to get back at you for all our frustrating childhood debates. (BTW, it does TOO make perfect sense that you should get to brush your teeth in the sink beside the toothpaste, and the person washing their face should go by the sink with the soap!)

  2. Hello Steve,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I just wanted to pay you a visit. Some interesting things here. Visit my blog withing the next month. I plan to write an article debunking 9/11 government conspiracy theories. I thought since you hold an opposing point of view, you would be interested in that. I would love to have your comments.

    Keep up the good work!

    Jonathan Clark

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